Biology of emerging viruses


PhD, DR2 Inserm

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This team has been labeled by the FRM in 2020



Alexis BRUGIER PhD student

Marie-Laure CHAIX-BAUDIER MD, PhD, Clinician

Sylvain CHAWKI MD, PhD student

Constance DELAUGERRE MD, PhD, Clinician

Julien GRAS MD, Master 2 student

Vasiliya KRIL PhD student


Jean-Michel MOLINA MD, PhD, Clinician


Meet the team


Khadija BOURBIBE Ingenior

Xavier CARNEC Postdoc

Élodie COLIN Master 2



Mohamed Hamine LAFIRASSOU Postdoc


Zoé LAMA Master 2

Stéphane MAROT Master 2


Rasika Mohan RAMSADI PhD

Claudia UNAMA-DIAZ Postdoc



Due to pandemic crisis, this team is temporarily fully devoted to SARS-Cov-2 clinical and fundamental research.

The research in our laboratory focuses on the identification of the host cellular pathways that determine the susceptibility of humans to viral disease. We are mainly interested in medically important RNA viruses causing emerging life-threatening infections in humans. Our major goal is to decipher the mechanisms by which these viruses manipulate host cell functions to facilitate their life cycle and to escape immune responses. Understanding the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms may help to reveal new targets for the design of antiviral strategies.
To this end, we are using a number of cellular, molecular and virological techniques with state-of-the-art technologies such as loss & gain of function screening, advanced proteomics, gene expression analysis and live cell microscopy.
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