ADELIH was founded in April 2007 under the initiative of three PhD students of the  « Institut Universitaire d’Hématologie (IUH) », at Hopital Saint-Louis, Paris.  In January 2019, the IUH is renamed IRSL for « Institut de Recherche de l’Hôpital Saint-Louis » and our PhD association becomes ADELIS, which stands for « Association des Doctorants et jEunes chercheurs de L’Institut de recherche de l’hôpital Saint-Louis ». ADELIS is acting for young researchers’ and doctors’ professional insertion, providing opportunities to establish professional and social networks between members of the Saint-Louis Research Institute and other research institutes in Paris.
Each year, ADELIS organizes the « Young Scientists’ Meeting » (Rencontres Jeunes Scientifiques). This event provides opportunity for young graduates and PhD candidates to present their research work to a jury of scientists from the Saint-Louis Research Institute. The « Young Researchers In Life Science » event is an interdisciplinary congress, organized by students, for students. It’s all about young researchers! Since 2014, ADELIS has organized its international “ADELIS congress”, creating national and international interactions around biology. During two days, young researchers but also world-class speakers will present their work. To get more details about the last “ADELIS congress”, please click here.
ADELIS coordinates also other meetings and forums throughout the year (Professional Breakfasts, BIOTechno forums), bringing together professionals and former PhD students to discuss scientific opportunities and careers. Parties and sporting events are also a great pillar of ADELIS, shared with other student associations. For more details and contact us, please click here.